Packaging is an essential component of your communication with the customer. Apart from protecting the product, the haptic and visual appearance is a decisive factor in your products’ success.

In coordination with you, we offer you the complete manufacture of your products, from packaging and right up to dispatch logistics. This makes us your one-stop solution. All our packaging complies with the relevant laws on food production, distribution and pharmaceutical standards.

State-of-the-art-technology, effective production flows and compliance with the most stringent quality standards guarantee first-rate products that satisfy the statutory requirements.

In addition to our computer-controlled precision machines, we pay close attention to ensure the deployment of qualified and responsible specialists, both in production and monitoring.

Collapsible boxes


Collapsible boxes are currently the most attractive form of packaging. This is because they are environmentally friendly, real eye catchers and flexible in size, in addition to offering sufficient space for printing information. This way, you are sure to leave a lasting impression with your consumers.



Plastic packaging (tins) in various sizes, with tamper-evident seals (shrunk into so-called sleeves), represent stable, space-saving packaging for capsules, chew tablets and lozenges, whilst simultaneously providing optimal protection of the product as such.

Blister packages


Pills, capsules and sugar-coated tablets have to be packaged in a visually appealing manner, in addition to being safe for application. Blister packaging – also referred to as push-through packaging – unite both of these characteristics. A moulded plastic tray, sealed with film at the back, provide a sound unit.

Sealed bags

Sealed bags

4-sided sealed bags provide a packaging solution that is modern, appealing and cost-effective at the same time. The content is optimally protected against oxidation, light and humidity, making it suitable for powder and granulate as well as for individual pieces (e.g. effervescent tablets).

4-sided sealed bags can be printed on both sides and all over it. The utilised composite films are food-safe and comply with the pharmaceutical standards. Use-by date and LOT are embossed in the sealed edge.

Our standard format sachet for powder and granulate is 80 x 120 mm. We are happy to provide other dimensions upon request. The apparent density, depending on the material volume, is approx. 10-15 g. For individual pieces (e.g. effervescent tablets) the sachet size is 60 x 60 mm.

Stick packs

Stick packs

Stick packs are a modern packaging form, which increases the product appeal for your customers.

The consumption convenience is found in the apportioned packaging of your product. The customer can ingest the granules without liquid at any time. Stick packs can be printed all over, thereby reinforcing your brand image up to the primary packaging.

In bulk

In bulk

Apart from primary and secondary packaged products, we can also provide your products in the form of bulk goods – in as far as the presentation form allows for this. In doing so, you have the option of packaging the products individually.