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Tablets (to be swallowed whole)

Chewable tablets

When it comes to chewable tablets and lozenges, the taste is always of key importance. Target group and desired consume experience are decisive factors for the flavour. Many people love the so-called lolly effect.

Effervescent tablets

Effervescent tablets

Effervescent tablets are a wide-spread form for providing the desired vitamins, minerals and plant extracts. Being residue-free – in combination with the respective colouring and flavour – effervescent tablets provide a popular drink in the food supplement, pharmaceutical and medical products sectors.


Powder sticks

Powder and granulate in stick packages impress with their handy and innovative design. The sticks are ideal for direct consumption or for being dissolved in liquid. Therefore, they are also an ideal solution when one is out and about.

Film-coated tablets

Film-coated tablets

As the word suggests, film-coated tablets are provided with a coating. This coating is primarily designed to mask the flavour or to apply coloured protective films. For example, tablets and capsules can be coated. The coating is developed to prevent direct contact with the taste of the active ingredients, which is often bitter, or to simplify swallowing. The coating can also be used to provide protection against light and moisture.



Capsules are elegant and popular as a pharmaceutical form. There is the choice of hard or soft capsules, depending on the form of the filler to be encapsulated (liquid, pasty or in powder form). 
Not only are they neutral in taste; but they are also pleasant and safe to apply, in addition to being highly bioavailable.

Powder mixtures

Powder mixes

Powder mixtures, bottled in tins provide the option of individual dosing – for example, for the preparation of liquid food. The individually-adaptable composition of the powder mixture ensures the optimal administration of all key nutrients.